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Engineering Industry

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VIP Company Name Phone 1 Section
Atfet Foundation دمشق 00963116111230 Industrial Silica Sand diverse sizes Grinding coefficient of ceramic materials for Services
  Syrian Company for Engineering Industries to owners (Mohammad Tawfiq response and Mohammed Shafiq response)
Machinery and equipment for the preparation of poultry feed and extraction machinery and fixed vegetable oils
  Mamdouh Medhat Abu Khater
Ready-mixed concrete and mortar mixing (Mijbil Betona)
  Majid Ahmed Takla
Tubes aluminum production compressible with print in multiple colors and processing module with all the necessary measurements for
  Samira Abdul Jawad Rajoub
Posted marble blocks (published and plain marble)
  International Company for Glass Tempered by the poster (Tamer Adham Alrajab and Munther Mahfouz and Mohammed Radwan values ​​president and Co.)
Tempered glass
  Central Printing and Packaging closed shareholding
Preparation and sheet metal coating and printed for use in the manufacture of metal packaging for the mobilization of olive oil and vegetable oils and vegetable السمون
  Company جحجاح brothers to their owners (Shamsuddin, Bassam and spring boys Solomon جحجاح)
Furniture, wooden furniture and metal
  Industries brick Kli_ko
Production of all types of tile and block Aajurri (mural - Horde - Accessories) to
  Ayman Saleh Agha & Co (Middle Stone) to their owners (Ayman bin Abdul Wahid Saleh Agha and Salah al-Din ibn Reza Fakhoury and Adnan Badr bin Mohammed Sidi Hassan Muhammad Zaúra Tayyara)
Deployment and plain marble
  Samia Girgis and its partners (development company) to their owners (Semitic Girgis Girgis and Wael Farid Doumit and Abdullah Tannous Doumit)
Block automatically interlock and concrete pipes of all kinds
  Fadi Tatari and struggle Ghandour
All types of printers and inks cameras
  Rabah please religion Hlash Sibai
Lighting equipment powered by electricity and solar energy and supplies and electric fans of the type used in homes and electric heaters and solar water heaters and solar bicycles that run on battery
  United Company for Metal Industries owners (courteous Rajoub and Co.)
Sheets and plates and bar scrolls bars and rods by cold rolling mill
  Mohammed Fariz Brotherhood
Plastic coverings for floors, walls and ceilings supported by aluminum and different kinds of plastic granules
  Mohammed Ayman Mohammad Sibai
Production equipment (evaporators - centrifuges - Heat exchangers - Dryers - Arac cooling - capacitors, distillation towers and refining - hot air generators - collection vessels - steam boilers - Control panels - Filters - mixers)
  Ahmed Asaad شلحه
Parts of metal structures
  Bassam Suleiman Nasser
Building Supplies plastic and metal (doors - windows - curtains ......)
  Ghassan Mohammed Hamada
Cutting and shaping and complete, stone processing and dissemination of marble blocks and marble kitchen industry and drilling, sculpture and writing on the marble and marble and stone industry and industrial tiles automatically and automatically block and prefabricated buildings composed as Raisah of metals and the manufacture of tanks and Alkhzana
  Al Kasouhh Marble owner Elias Abdullah Kasouhh and Co.
Marble kitchen
  Mohammed Fadel and Shadi Hassan
Tiles and concrete blocks and water pipes automatically
  Mohamed Samer Abdel Halim Abu Salah
And cutting and shaping and complete, stone processing and dissemination of marble and marble kitchen industry and drilling, sculpture and writing on the marble
  Rania Mohamed Tarek Sharabi
Constructions metal parts
  Art Engineering and Industry owners (Mohamed Safwan and Mohammed Fariz Ksepe and Jumana Ruslan)
And the formation of the walls and ceilings of sheet material - Fiberglass - polyurethane .. Etc. isolated textured foam or glass wool and other insulation materials stomach to form a construction parts
  Babel, building and reconstruction of their respective owners (Mohamed Ben Omar Allush and, Ghassan Ben Ali Hamza and Riad Ben Aamj Hamza Hussein bin Ali Hamza and Kased bin Awad Ahmed Heneidy Kubaisi and Khalil Ahmed bin Abdul Razzaq
And mosaic tiles and ready-mix concrete and mortar mixing and automatically blocks and Interlock
  Saleh and single Oltnge (Syria Mittal) SYRIA METAL
Scrap iron smelting domestic and imported for the production of iron ore (billet) and the production of rebar and industrial sections and angles of all kinds through the steel rolling and drawing on the protector
  Arab Company for Cement Industries of their respective owners (Ibrahim Qreis, Firas Qreis and Mamedasm Lester God)
Mechanized concrete pipes, colored tile Interlock
  Ahmed Mohammed Euch
Motorcycles equipped with engine capacity of 150 cm 3 and below
  Company Messenger Hassoana and Co.
 And the formation of suspended ceilings of plaster boards and peripherals from plaster manufacturing
  Walid bin Mahmoud small
Concrete panels
  Ayyubid prince and Hussein attribution, Ismail Ismail and Mohammed Suleiman, Mustafa Alolaiwi and Jassim Ismail, Berri Ismail and Ahmed Suleiman Union Company for the manufacture of electric home appliances
Household appliances (washing machines of all kinds - refrigerators - Mkoaa - hair dryer - Vacuum Cleaner - conditioners and microwave - coolers and water heaters - Television)
  Mohammad Nizar Mohamed Hossam el-Sheikh Zain Extrusions & Co.
Raw aluminum smelter to produce aluminum billet used in the production of aluminum profiles and aluminum profiles industry or hollow sections through the withdrawal of aluminum billet
  Tammam, Bassam and Bilal Sheikh commercial market (market Sheikh Brothers)
Tubes, pipes and hollow shapes made of iron and steel pipes industry
  Faisal Abdullah Al-Shibli
Reservoirs of minerals saved or liquefied gases and boilers for steam generation
  Haider Isa bin Riad
Ready-mixed concrete and mortar mixing (Mijbil Betona concrete) and Interlock
  Mohammed Emad net and Abdul Rahman Al-Ahmad and Hamza Bilal
Metal clips of screws and pins, rings and nuts and bolts
  BICSI commercial kitchens of their respective owners (Raji Jee and Maria Pauli Gunarides and Yara Raji Jee and Nada Raji Jee and Nora Raji Jee)
Home and office furniture for hotels wooden and metal clothing unnecessary plastic construction, cladding and decoration and furniture production
  Numan owners (Mustafa Kamal and Ghazi and Ismail and Noordin Mohamed Noman Rajoub boys & Co.)
Deployment and plain marble
  Holiday Hassan Khalil
Mount asphalt
  Jamal Ahmad Moussalli
Mount asphalt
  Walid Ben Hanna Elias
Design and manufacture of industrial machinery and equipment manufacturing industries and alternative energy / wind turbine towers and / manufacture cans speed
  Company Alauichi to Farhan Alauichi owner & Co.
Motorcycles equipped with engine capacity of 150 cm 3 or less and two-wheeler users (aerobic and battery-powered bikes)
  Imad, Ramiz Hmicho and Hariktehma
Car production
  Bauer Beaton (owners Bassam Kharma and Mohamed and Ahmed sedition sedition)
Block, interlocks and water pipes cement and ready-mix concrete (Mijbil Betona)
  Haider Riad Issa
Chocolate masters and stuffed
  Mohamed Khaled Moustafa Chahine
Thermal brick Albetona
  Hassoun, Hnata and Partners of their respective owners Mahmoud Khaled Hassoun Najjar and Randa Muhammad Aelchenati and Riad Abdel Rahman دراقي and Mahmoud Hnata
Pipes and concrete blocks and tiles Inter-Luc
  Ahmed Swedan Nomad
Toys (scooters and cars that run on electricity and batteries for children) and bicycles that run on battery and bicycle mechanism بالعجزة and four wheels Engine Capacity 75 cm 3 or below
  Haitham Mamedon Ashi
 Block automatically and Interlock colored pipes and plates and the concrete columns
  Mohammed Ghassan Alakj
  Syrian Company for granite and marble for owners Mohammad Al-Khalid and Tamer accuracy
Deployment and plain granite and marble
  Simon Elias returned
Block automated
  Company Tarif and slender Akhras (buildings)
 Ready-mixed concrete and mortar mixing (prefabricated buildings), Mijbil Betona and metal construction (Hncarat)
  Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Khatib
 Mount asphalt
  Faiz Suleiman Kasouhh
 Deployment and obvious marble and grinding stones outside the quarry and block automatically industry
  Suleiman Zakaria Governor
Parts of metal structures (tanks and grain silos, etc.), reservoirs and containers of metal and prefabricated buildings, consisting mainly of minerals (Hncarat) and scraped dirt deposited (Abrasive oils) and fodder production equipment and non-motorized bicycles (or wheel precipitated
  Muna Kitchens