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Chamber of Industry Hama

Companies in this section :

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VIP Company Name Phone 1 Section
Afamia Foundation 0096333222696 Pledges - commercial, medical and industrial gases
Sons of Abdullah Al Baroudi Est 00963332325001 Building stones and decoration
  Ghassan and Ayman witnessed joy 6773840Concrete pipes
  Abi redemption for engineering projects and Emtemadtha 2670602Concrete products
  Basil Little & Co. 2523255Concrete pipes
  Emaar for the manufacture of ready-mixed concrete and mortar mixing 2437743Ready-mixed concrete
  Afif Catherine 6773267Mount asphalt
  Arab for concrete pipes 2437743Block and concrete products
  كبيسي and small and dad factions 2666765Block and concrete products
  Mohamed Adnan Osman 7711119Mount asphalt
  Jacob Jacob Subhi 4730531Mount asphalt
  Jacob Adnan Kassab Bashi 2311001Ready-mixed concrete
  Amer Mohamed Maan Haj Hamed 4880100Concrete pipes
  Khaled hides and Co. 4583967Concrete pipes
  Deb Thomas and Secretary Daher 6771011Mount asphalt
  Salim Walton & Co. 4567555Cement
  Ziad Rahal and his partner 4450504Block and concrete products
  Zaki Mohammed Sadeq 0212685988Block and concrete products
  Zaki Sadeq 0212685988Mount asphalt
  Radwan Sabbagh and Adnan Setif & Co. 2223136Concrete pipes
  Nectar of Commerce and Industry 2513523Concrete pipes
  Rakan Ahama and his partner 4246586Mount asphalt