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Homs Chamber of Industry

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  Egyptian Mohammed Bakri Alihulana Ware (Panyu bathroom - Laundry - Jacuzzi bath - sauna - Pkduc) of plastics
  Ahmed bin Abdul Ghani Al-Hafiz  Domestic refrigerators and air conditioning and refrigeration
  Abdul Rahman al-Haj Mohammed منجور aluminum
  Mohammed Nael Abdel Halim Baroudi 2588225Metal stoppers
  Haitham Mamedon Ashi  Block automatically and Interlock colored pipes and plates and the concrete columns
  Khalid Abdul Razak Knight  Deployment and plain marble
  Abdullah Abdul Wahab bin Ahmed Reinforced concrete pre-made
  Concrete World Company owners (Abdullah Abdul Wahab and his partner)  Prefabricated houses (prefabricated buildings elements and dimensions)
  Company owners of mourning (George Abboud Haddad & Co.)  Blacksmithing syphilis
  Hussein Ahmed Komi Cracking Stones
  Mohammed bin Abdul Wahid salary Sousse Posted stone blocks
  Mohammed Ghassan Alakj 444915 Block
  Syrian Company for granite and marble for owners Mohammad Al-Khalid and Tamer accuracy Deployment and plain granite and marble
  Mukhtar and J. Pope Troylat
  Mohammed Kalash & Co.  Ceramic sanitary fittings (ceramic bathroom sets)
  International Company for crystal and mirrors to their owners (Munther Mahfouz values ​​and Tamer Adham Alrajab and Mohammed Ghasoub Rifai and Mohammed Radwan Fahd President) 482012Cut and rinse crystal and crystal ornament automatically mirrors automatically
  Salam Mohammed Anis Almekhal 665750 Concrete pipes automatically
  Safwan bin Mohammed Salim ropes 230991Food processing machines and accessories
  Elijah Matanius Khoury 775010 Allikurat
  George Nessim Girgis 737900Production of packaging manufactured from aluminum foil + aluminum foil