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Industrialists city

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Société Al Bosh pour le marbre et le granit
Commerce toutes sortes de blocs de marbre et de granit (sols - blanchisseries - cuisines - découpe laser - lavage automatique)
Zenobia Limited Liability Company
Ceramic and granite, bathroom sets industry
Mastering facility 00963115851727 Metal Industries
Khattab and qisas   Manufacture of warehouse shelves and commercial magazines
Sabco معمل : 00963115851851 Adhesives industry
Sham 00963115850506 Industry and Trade
Yousuf Metallic Construction 00963115853015 Metal construction Tanks - tanks - the processing plants - Chrome works
Nabil Biqai Company for Trade and Industry
Publishing industry Marble Machines
Unite To Light 0119259Cables and wires, pobenage - transformers - granules)
Carmel For Metal, Industrial & Chemical Construction 00963115650111 Metal, industrial and chemical construction
Hynox 555 Company 00963115851502 Manufacture of household utensils
Hossam Younis Engineering Industries Est 00963115853647 Engineering Industries
Nasrboiler 0115851001 Steam boilers
Sukkar Industrial Company for Elevators
Manufacture of elevator doors and cabins
Majzoub Metals 00963115855433 Selling, cutting and detailing all types of industrial steel.
(First Glass) .CO 00963115850828 Glass and mirrors industry
Elegant marble& stones 0115850616 Selling and trading all kinds of marble and granite
Manufacturing and trading production lines.
Ramsey Al Qassab Ovens Company 00963115852400 Manufacture of ovens, baking equipment, sweets and food production lines
  Abu Samra 58502020Metals - geometric
  Arab Company for Bethune prior stress and made limited 5850691Prefabricated houses (Bethune / metal ..)
  Subaie and Jamal al-Din & Co. Deployment of marble blocks
  Mustafa Ahmed Rankosi 5811340Pull cold metal wire
  Hope Aluminium Company 5852491Aluminum - Engineering
  Hassan Yaqub 5851340Marble - Engineering
  Mgc 5851000Solar - Engineering
  The Mediterranean Steel 5851281Iron - Engineering
  Abdul beneficial 5851138Metals - geometric
  Company sons Zuhair Ahlgrewati and Co. 5811697Insulated wires and cables
  Toufic Rizk 5851533Metals - geometric
  Attar and Asad 5850954Ceramic and porcelain tiles
  Ghazi & Co. 5852088Metals - geometric
  Mohammed stretch 5850742Electricity boards - engineering
  Company technical tubes and metal industries Ltd. 5850910Sections (profiles) different metal
  For any bin Khalid Hko 585009332Phoenician character products from glass and metal Fajaroukhcb
  Muhannad bin Zuhair Uttar 5811002Refrigerated appliances
  Ahmad Zia bin Subhi al-Baghdadi 5812881Diesel heaters and Ujaq bath
  Syrian Italian Company Ltd. lifts المسؤولي Lifts for the home
  Zuhair Uttar partner Household electrical 5811003Formation Utensils: cookers ...