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A wise company

Company Name A wise company
Phone 1 عدرا:00963115853090/91/92/93
Phone 2 زقاق الجن:00963112246425
Phone 3 زقاق الجن:0112223948 - 0112246123
Boss Mobile عدرا:00963992954523
Mobile 2 زقاق الجن:00963991333785
Section Conveyor belts
Fax عدرا:00963115853094
Adress Damascus - Adra Industrial City Damascus - Aljinn alley

A wise company

Conveyor belts


- Import and distribution of all types of belts and scraper fans for cars, industrial and agricultural equipment and skimming of the printers

- All types of belts needed for the lines of dipping, cooling and packaging used in the labs and biscuits

- Wide range of rubber belts for transporting gravel and sand

- Wide range of compaction skirting used in all industries and equipment from cameras to giant pistons

- We are particularly interested in supplying all necessary skimming for textile and textile factories

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