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Acdima for the manufacture of veterinary medicines

Company Name Acdima for the manufacture of veterinary medicines
Phone 1 00963113910685
Phone 2 00963113910687
P.o.box ص.ب : 16175
Section صناعة الأدوية البيطرية
E-mail E-mail:active. Com@mail.sy / acdivet@tarassul.sy
Web Site www.acdivet.com
Fax 00963113910686
Adress Damascus, Syria

  Acdima for the manufacture of veterinary medicines


ACDIMA for the industry of the veterinary medicines (ACDIVET.S.A.A.) is one of the societies depending of the Arab Society for Medical Medicines Industries (ACDIMA) founded by virtue a decision of the Arab Economic Unity Council in 1965 with a capital of 60 million Dinars Koweitiens distributed in 16 Arab countries.

ACDIVET  has been founded since 1999 as premises of the activities of the mother society: ACDIMA  in the veterinary sector where it brought its long experiences inside the human medicine, experiences acquired through its participation at many medicine companies and the human solutions in the members countries.

ACDIVET, since its foundation, enjoyed with a great importance, as being the first of the productive veterinary companies, entirely owned by Acdima, whereas it was established by the workers arms and experiences in Acdima in collaboration with the old experiences acquired from the history of the company in itself, for it was possessed by the Private Sector in Syria before its possession by Acdima, applying the best world standards of the medicines industry in collaboration with Wockhardt Ltd.
So the old experiences met the new ones coming from all Acdima companies to form a solid ground of experiences in the company history.

At the beginning of its work, Acdima a collaborated with two Spanish societies s : Cenavisa and Ovejero signing with them two agreements for the industry under an authorization. The number of the preparations exceeded 20 ones manufactured under license by both a/m companies till the expiration of the concluded contract.

The company is manufacturing the most of the various therapeutical  categories of veterinary and under different pharmaceutical forms: ( Injections- Syrups- Powders and tablets) , according to the best world standards, guaranteeing the production of a medicine realizing its foreseen objective (effective, sure Medicine conform with the international standards).

The production process is accompanied with an integral system of the quality control under the supervision of trained staff enjoying with a high cadre competence assisted with the developed devices. This system aims in the first place to accompany the manufacturing process since the admission of the raw materials, their examination, passing by the examinations during the production process and finishing with the final  one before the transfer of the product to the marketing stage, by adopting the European, American and British laws.

The medicine marketing is subject to an accurate follow up done by a competent and qualified staff of veterinary physicians who investigate the agent reactions and observations about the market preparations. The Company in its promotion follows the method of knowing the problems, defaults and the observation not that of promoting the products by the known means, being sure that Only the market is able to determine and confirm the preparation efficacy not the information or publicity, proceeding to private turns in view to aware the clients about things proper to the medicines industry, that is the main objective of Acdivet and the mother society (Acdima).

It's necessary to mention that the benefice wasn't nor isn’t the first goal of the company but to make a good product reach the client is and according to the mother company administration council recommendations, issued by the Council of the Arab Economic Unity, fact that put the company in a high place among the local ones and enabled it to enter the external markets. Actually, the company registers and sells its categories to nearly 20 Ara, African and Asiatic countries reaching a good reputation in these markets.

Inside the outline of the continuous renovation, Acdivet concluded a contract with the consultant Co.   GBH in addition to its cooperation with the trained staff inside the mother company: Acdima in view to proceed to  a radical extension and formation of a manufactory in the outline of accompanying the new concepts of the medicine industry to respond to the market needs and to become the first company in the Syrian Arab Republic that adopt all medicines manufacturing standards against a cost exceeding 6 millions US$.

The company Administration so as all its workers hope that the product obtained the client satisfaction and that of the governments that helped to found it in view to achieve its aimed objectives and to reach the highest levels!
May God award us success!

The Administration

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