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Adnan Alsaaour & Co. for Engineering Industries

Company Name Adnan Alsaaour & Co. for Engineering Industries
Phone 1 خدمة الزبائن : 6638888 - 11
Phone 2 خدمة الزبائن : 6633333 - 11
Section Heart Stainless Steel
Web Site www.saourgroup.com
City Damascus
Adress Syria Damascus

 Adnan Alsaaour & Co. for Engineering Industries

Overview Adnan Alsaaour & Co. for Engineering Industries

With the beginning of the seventies of the last century; he began to dream of an ambitious and promising; pop of homeland generous and armed with including the good things of human and economic resources; to pave the way towards a better future; to see the light in the nineties by a group of leading companies seeking to offer its services as a token of thanks and gratitude of a large home is great and the people , and it believes in the need to support the economy and provide the society with all the needs of the products live up to their standard and quality of world-class products.

Adnan Alsaaour & Co. for Engineering Industries

Harte global group Heart Int'l Group

Adnan Alsaaour & Co. was established in 1972 as a specialist manufacture of metal constructions, and occupied a prominent place among companies operating in the engineering sector through supplying markets and institutions of its products and other metal furniture. However in 1995 solutions m is alone company specializing manufacture high-quality household wares under the registered trademark "heart Stainless Steel" "Heart Stainless Steel" and manufactured from the finest stainless special food use steel, through the establishment of a factory featured in the "Kurdish hill" area Rural Damascus, which It is the only solo in the Middle East through its equipment plant, machinery and European services and products manufactured according to the latest international standards and regulations.

It expresses the design and manufacture the company's products more accurate expression of the extent of the company's commitment to providing perfect products, starting from the finest imported raw materials and the use of the latest industrial machines and new technologies;

In addition to the presence of qualified technical staff and expert, with special attention to detail to outperform customer expectations both in quality or value or service in an effort to meet human needs in an era of growing and developing by leaps and bounds.

With the rapid proliferation and demand for products "heart" it was necessary to upgrade the work and permanent search for the best by sending specialized cadres to both China and Germany specifically to look and see the all-new in the industry and its evolution; which in turn led to the polarization of delegations foreign to Syria and exchange of experiences that reflects the pride of Syrian industry.

It is worth mentioning that we were able to develop more than / 300 / product under the name of "heart Stainless Steel" has been met mostly acclaimed and popular unrivaled by customers both through the forms of distinct varieties and high quality addition to the studied price and after-sales service, and we went then to regional markets was the presence of HRT products in each of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Lebanon and some areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Health Sahha

Harte World Group continued to provide solutions to meet the consumer need; has adopted since 2002, another pilot project, which manufacture stainless steel tanks cylindrical horizontal and vertical valid industrial and domestic uses; and bearing registered trademark "Health Stainless Steel" "Sahha Stainless Steel" .. has been met These reservoirs great acclaim by industrial plants and laboratories in addition to the homes of family and use; and through the quality and variety of sizes and stings.

Brintal services for printing and packaging:

Believing expand services provided base; and depending on the availability of qualified staff and long experience in the printing field; established heart World Group in 2007 and equipped with "Brintal" "Printal" to provide all printing services and packaging special status .. was able to center in the first period that fills a need Group of printing and packaging diverse products and quantities increasing day by day .. and takes a prominent name through luxury printing and distinctive services and attracts a number of laboratories and customers within a short period; which has helped to raise the pace of work and the expansion of services provided.

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