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الدليل الصناعي السوري
Newpark Food Industries.
The Company's name Newpark Food Industries.
Responsible person Omar Al-Hijazi
Phone First +963 11 9496
Phone Second +963 11 6857397
City Ref Damascus
Title Syria - Damascus countryside - Sahnaya - next to the Town Center mall
Specialization Food industries (cheese - dairy - chocolate)
About company

Newpark Food Industries specializes in the dairy and cheese industry, was established in 2005 under the auspices of its founder Kanaan Al Hijazi and has succeeded during the years prior to today to top the summit in the Syrian market to put family health and satisfy it in the highest priority as well as its commitment to the highest quality standards and to provide the best delicious health products. Newpark laboratories and factories are equipped with the latest technologies and devices by quality and nutrition experts to provide products with distinct flavor and wonderful food in line with international quality and health standards. Newpark is committed to recruiting the best people and is keen to train them to work on developing the best cheese and dairy products to meet the requirements of consumers and maintain their confidence. Newpark seeks to expand in the Middle East and global markets after its remarkable success within the local markets.

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