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Homs Chamber of Industry

Companies in this section :

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VIP Company Name Phone 1 Section
  Mohammed Kamal Sibai Foreign apparel / Men Kids Women /
  Abdul important Daas and Bassam Daas and their partner (Daas and Rafay Jeans) 658587 Foreign apparel / Men Kids - Women daughters / automatic embroidery and
  Bassam Tannous  Ready Wear / Men Kids Women daughters / internal and external children's clothing - pajamas, shirts and robes home - automatic embroidery
  Mohammed Jamil Abdul Salam Hayek 439651Texture to cotton / towels bathrobes /
  Mohammed Jerahristi 225668Texture to lumbar
  Atif bin Abdulkareem Limp 484969Garments / Women's external and internal, evening dresses and brides
  Fares Jkulais and Mona Onboz 655417Ready Wear - Women daughters internal lumbar / Men Kids lumbar internal view to export /
  Abdul Qadir bin Suleiman Al-Hayek 221232Texture to lumbar
  Nada bint Mohammed Fadel Al-Hayek 228381 Texture to lumbar
  Mohammed Yasser bin Mohammed Al-Hayek 228381Texture to lumbar
  Fatima Mohammed Jamal 438469Ready Wear (Women's Girlie)
  Mohammed Haydar Alovaúa 328403 Texture to cotton bathrobes and towels
  Nazih Lawrence Abdel Massih 2610228Dress silk strings bronchial
  Company Amissa owners (Nazih Abdul Christ and mute Kraziela)  Dress silk embroidered cane
  Noureddine Katsav  Texture to
  Nicola Adnan Jkulais / Jkulais Tex / Knitted automated external and internal Clothing
  Egyptian Naguib 665975 Texture to lumbar
  Company Fatih Alokosher and Hamdi al-Dairi 328395 Automated weaving cotton bathrobes and towels and Tsudaih threads
  Mohammed Ghazi Abul Khair 228000 Weaving automated lumbar
  Jihad Messenger Sousse 234944Strips and woven fabrics cotton bandages (gauze)