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The exhibition "Made in Syria" starring on the ground

  The exhibition "Made in Syria" starring on the ground .. Exhibition City ... and delegations of businessmen up to .. The land of Damascus International Airport .....

The opening of the "Made in Syria" exhibition for clothing, textile, production and leather goods was held yesterday evening.

In the presence of the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade and the Minister of Industry and Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the Damascus Chamber of Industry and its countryside, unions and chambers and a number of ambassadors and a large number of industrialists, traders and delegations of businessmen from Arab countries ..

The opening ceremony was accompanied by the arrival of new delegations of businessmen to the airport of Damascus International Airport where my business delegation was received from Jordan from the Arab Republic of Egypt to join the other delegations who attended earlier to participate in the exhibition. Which is involved by about 300 industrial companies in the field of textile and clothing.