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The Damascus Consistory sold 1,190 billion pounds and won 206 million pounds in 2017

  The modern company of the Consortium and the agricultural industries in Damascus achieved a profit exceeding 206 million lira during the last year as a result of sales amounted to 2084 tons with a value of 190.1 billion pounds.

The director general of the company Eng. Majd Dib said that the workers and cadres of the company, which does not exceed the number of 86 workers were able during the past year to produce more than 2278 tons of miscellaneous materials, especially tomato tomato, which exceeded the amount of production of 1000 tons after the intake of 8500 tons of tomatoes Love during the last season in spite of the company's occurrence in the hot area and the difficulty of access and insurance of raw materials and production lines and the number of workers.

Eng. Deeb explained that the investment and emergency plans planned for the company during the current season include securing a new steam boiler with a capacity of 8 tons, horizontal sterilization, rehabilitation of the production hall and maintenance of the tomato cooking machines and their rehabilitation, which will contribute to increase the quantities of production and achieve better rent during this year.

He pointed to the actions taken by the company during the past year, including the maintenance of machinery and equipment and Umrah work for the chaudhir and replace the tomato reception line and installation of a new line in addition to take advantage of the low prices of tomatoes and fixing good prices with the contractors to import products contributed to the cost of the product significantly Led to an increase in profits to this level.