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"The Elephant Man" is about to get rid of this title

This man has earned the British title of "Elephant Man", because of a tumor in his left foot weighs about 13 kg, but it is now on the verge of a process to get rid of this title.
And suffered Michael Cole, 66, of pain for a period of ten years after the swelling of his left leg, leaving him unable to walk, and prone to harsh ridicule by outsiders, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British.
He accused Cole, a retired computer technician, from the city of Rosearta Province of British Aberdeenshire, government health services management back to him, and the legacy of all these years without treatment.
But now he is optimistic after finding a doctor in the north of the country, who specializes in this type of tumor, and expressed his willingness to perform the operation, and lumpectomy for re-submitted to the normal size.