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The opening of one window in the industrial city of Sheikh Najjar after rehabilitation

  In the framework of streamlining procedures and speeding up the completion of all transactions of industrialists and investors, Mr. Hussein Diab, Governor of Aleppo, opened today the one-stop building in the industrial city of Sheikh Najjar, which was rehabilitated after damage caused by terrorism.

He pointed out that the rehabilitation and activation of one window is an important and vital step in the context of government efforts to improve the working environment and production and provide the requirements of industrialists and accelerate the completion of their transactions and provide all the necessary incentives for them, pointing out that the industrial city is experiencing a state of recovery where the number of plants produced (460) factories of various types of industries in addition to allocating / 327 / new partition for investors and the continuation of work in the rehabilitation of more than 100 factories affected by terrorism and will return soon to work and production, noting that all these indicators confirm that the industry in Lob is moving steadily towards further development and production in support of the national economy.

For his part, Eng. Hazem Aajan, General Manager of the Industrial City, Sheikh Najjar, said that the cost of rehabilitating and equipping the single window is close to 50 million lira. The aim is to provide all the services needed by the industrialist and the investor in one place starting from the subscription to the industrial division. The licenses and all subsequent services necessary for its establishment within this building.

The Board of Directors of the Industrial City Sheikh Najjar today held a meeting under the chairmanship of Mr. Hussein Diab, Governor of Aleppo, during which he discussed the reality of work and production and the steps and projects necessary to complete the rehabilitation of all infrastructure and service facilities.

The Governor of Aleppo stressed the importance of concerted efforts to speed up work and complete the implementation of service and development projects within the framework of the government's keenness to support the industrial sector in Aleppo, which is the locomotive of growth and a major source of the national economy.

During the meeting, eight service projects were approved within the investment budget of the Industrial City to improve the quality of the services provided to the industrialists. These projects aim at infrastructure, especially electricity, in addition to granting the industrialists who are late to pay their installments until the end of next April to pay their obligations. The participants discussed the work of the committee formed to amend the system of investment in the industrial city and the emphasis on the inclusion of all points and topics that contribute to support the production process to meet Industrial needs.

Mr. Mohieldin and the members of the Board of Directors toured a number of industrial establishments operating in the industrial city, during which they were briefed on the work and production situation and the governor discussed with the industrialists and workers, stressing their keenness to provide all the needs and requirements and implement projects supporting their work.