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The government responds to the demands of the Aleppo industrialists

  The government responds to the demands of Aleppo industrialists .. Economic Committee in the Prime Minister adjusts the indicative prices of non-cotton yarns and the Ministry of Economy stopped the import of curtain fabrics and furnishings

In order to support the local industry and encourage its advancement, and because the fabrics and threads are raw materials necessary for the industry and to meet the demands of industrialists and traders in Aleppo during the visit of the government delegation to the city,
The committee also commissioned the Ministry of Industry to hold a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade, Chambers of Industry and Trade Unions and exporters to study the possibility of reducing the prices of cotton threads produced by the public bodies of the Ministry of Industry. Industry or proposal to allow importation and study the possibility of allowing the importation of cotton yarn not produced domestically and to provide the Economic Commission with the results within a week of its date

At the same level, the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade stopped the importation of two types of fabrics, including fabrics, fabrics and curtains, without specifying a specific period for this stop. The decision issued by the Ministry of Economy included a ban on the importation of fabrics and upholstery from all customs items until further notice. . This decision comes within the framework of the government's interest in the national industry and the protection of its products and support in all that is required to promote them and stimulate them and thus support the local product and improve it in terms of quality and prices and competitiveness, especially as some of the plants that were suspended as a result of sabotage and crime of terrorism has returned to work in parallel with some direct The damaged factories were produced after their restoration. It was necessary to enable them to refine them in the production process again and stimulate them to increase production by stopping the importation of locally produced goods and products, not to mention the role of such decisions in giving impetus to the industry. Intention to play as the best and intensify its promises and be able to meet the needs of the local market and strong competition in the market. It is expected that this decision will give the government a new impetus to the national industry in a step that will strengthen the factories that produce these goods and enhance their production capacity to compete against imported materials and provide a product that provides added value and contributes to strengthening the national industry and restore the name as it was before the current circumstances.