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Shahba Pharmaceutical Industries

Company Name Shahba Pharmaceutical Industries
Phone 1 041335527
Boss Mobile إدارة عامة 0991522522
Section Human Medicines
Fax 0114451990
Adress Damascus - Scientific Office - Baghdad Street.

 Shahba Pharmaceutical Industries

About Shahba factory Pharmaceutical Industries
The company was founded in 1947, is characterized by continuous updating Shahba lab and rely on another conclusion reached by science in the field of industry and control, and for the quality of the product we apply the concept of quality in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals manufacturing practice and continuous control during manufacturing

We believe that our success and we continue our evolution and has one road, a road quality.
It includes lab on the number of sections productivity, namely:

- Tablets section.
- The capsules section.
- Typecast section.
- Syrups and solutions section.
- Creams section.
- Suppositories section.
- Processing unit and sterilized water.

The monitors these two sections of the latest laboratories, one chemical and the second bacterial and cooperation between the two informants are controls on all raw materials that go into the production of lotions, as well as control over the preparations that are produced.

Finally we run this company Syrian Arab specialized expertise in this area and Kimaiaan pharmacists and technicians will continue to develop our production to keep pace with the global pharmaceutical industry and we will continue on our pledge to offer optimal production and high quality and effective medicine.

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