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Company Name Here bit
Phone 1 المكتب : 2056 - 11
Phone 2 المعمل : 3056 - 11
Boss Mobile 0944360566
Section Plastic containers
Fax 2244223 - 11
Fax 2 2155900 - 11
City Damascus
Adress Office: Harika - safe street Lab: Damascus - Baramka - Free Zone

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A glimpse of the company Hnapt

Hnapt Systems Co. packaging


The direct method of automatic production of raw materials on the packaging is the first soft ending in the world.

Therefore, our products are characterized by the following specifications:

Produced according to the most severe health control Terms of inflatable air completely healthy and filtered boiling automatic production does not touch him hands down.

Economic - scientific - resistance to pressure - High efficiency - long life - high flexibility to be unaffected by many acids - indivisibility to be toxic substances or taste or smell - high resistance to break - competitive prices for each explosive packing similar with lids outstanding quality and the relevant provisions attractive forms contribute to the marketing of your products.

High transparency comparable to the glass - and shock resistant startlingly

Ideal containers to prevent food waste and reduce shipping costs and the company currently produces more than 500 varieties of containers and deciding Almtarbin It produces 30 containers of capacity SS and up to 10,000 capacity o

What is the BBC ET (PET)?

Polyethylene Tri phthalates is the class of Termublasticah half amorphous materials composed mainly of carbon atoms of hydrogen and oxygen,

E: inflatable air healthy and filtered

N: great purity comparable to glass

A: The best quality of raw materials

B: ingenuity in design and competitive global industries

Tel: insurance needs visit our goal and motivation guide us and trust us.

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